Job opening

Test Lead

We're looking for experienced, motivated and passionate Test Lead to lead our experienced teams and communicate with clients, perform requirement analysis and present results.

  • Work level

  • Employment type

    Full time job

We want to hire you, if:

  • You have at least 5 years of experience in the software testing industry
  • You have experience in leading teams / groups of quality engineers
  • You have excellent communication and presentation skills
  • You are passionate about software quality, be it manual or automated testing
  • You have excellent hands-on experience in software testing industry
  • You communicate well in English in both spoken and written form

You can expect to:

  • Work with the leading IT software providers in the world
  • Communicate with our client’s engineering teams, perform requirement analysis and present results
  • Lead a group of software quality assurance engineers
  • Take advantage of many internal development opportunities and training

Salary: € 2500 - 6000

We are committed to process all job applications fairly. Please read our Diversity and Inclusion Policy that applies to all open vacancies at TestDevLab.

How do we choose a project for each candidate?The management team chooses relevant projects for candidates, this is dependent on business requirements and needs at the time as well as the tools and technology experience each candidate has.Are there growth opportunities?Yes, we have a bi-annual growth and motivation system as well we have TDL School where our experienced engineers teach courses on many different testing and development-related subjects and levels.Is there an opportunity to work from different locations?Yes, in general, it is possible to work from different locations and remotely. For anyone with less than one year of experience in the industry, we require to work from an office. Separately we have Audio/Video testing engineers who require access to specific setups and therefore will be bound to an office location that has an A/V setup.What equipment will be provided to me?We will provide all the necessary tech equipment you will need for work purposes, starting with a laptop as well as all devices needed for testing purposes.