We believe that TestDevLab is defined by its culture, people and expertise

This is why we are committed to creating an environment where employees can grow and succeed in their careers. We focus on building strong professional relationships, maintaining a welcoming culture, and recognizing the individuals behind the work.

What we stand for

Our core values

Our core values are what make us who we are. They have shaped who we are from the very beginning and they continue to guide us every single day.


Quality is the foundation of all that we do, from the services we offer and the results we deliver—to everything in between. We truly believe that anything worth doing is worth doing well.


We are dedicated to building strong, trusting relationships with our clients and employees. We believe in the expertise of our team and are transparent in our communication with clients.


We are committed to promoting and fostering an inclusive environment that embraces diversity and equal work opportunities. This commitment is reflected in our Diversity and Inclusion Policy.


We value teamwork and believe we can achieve more by working together. This is why we approach every project as a partnership and treat our clients’ success as our own.


We strive to keep up with the changes and generate innovative solutions for our clients, as well as support our team to widen their horizons.


We support continuous learning and encourage our employees to further develop their skills by providing opportunities for professional development.


Diversity & Inclusion Policy

At TestDevLab, we believe that everyone should have an equal opportunity to learn and achieve their goals regardless of ethnicity, race, religion, sexual orientation, age, or gender. It’s essential for us to advocate inclusion and diversity within our professional community, and to reflect it in our working environment. We want everyone to be seen and valued, considering their uniqueness.


Women in tech

TestDevLab is proud to have many talented women in our professional team that are in all positions and at every seniority level.

We celebrate women in tech and are pleased to collaborate with Women 4IT and Riga Tech Girls, which empower young women to enter the IT field.

  • Women 4IT
  • Riga Tech Girls

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